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Sheep Feeding

We provide a professional Sheep Feeding Fabrication service. Some of the items we stock are listed below.

IAE Sheep Hayrack on Wheels

8’ long, double sided with wheels at one end.

Sheep Ring Feeders

Available in 3 different styles – IAE Vertical, IAE Horned Sheep and Horned Sheep with sheeted bottom.

Mudd Sheeted Top and Bottom Bale Feeder

5’3” x 5’3” square bale feeder, painted green. Available in other sizes made to order.

Mudd Sheep Bale Cradle


IAE Feed Cradle

Comes with Gate.

Hang on Troughs and Racks

Available in various sizes from 2’ up to 10’.

IAE Sheep Round Bale Feeder Cradle

This does not come with a Gate.

Cattle Feeding

We also offer a Cattle Feeding Fabrication service for our customers. See below from some of the items we stock.

Bateman Low Level Beef Trough

8’ long, simple but strong with a trough depth of 230mm.

IAE Free Standing Cattle Trough

8’ long with a centre ridge to separate feed, trough depth is 200mm.

Mudd Calf Creep Feeder

8’ x 6’ with fully adjustable bars and a 200kg capacity. Comes with 3 point linkage as standard.

Walter Watson Calf Creep Feeder

8’ x 6’ with a 500kg capacity. Adjustable bars and 3 point linkage.

S + M Heavy Duty Cattle Ring Feeder


Mudd Cattle Bale Cradle

5’4” x 5’4” in size.

IAE Cattle Diagonal Feed Fence

14’6” long with or without a timber base. Comes with flat or angle brackets to fit.

IAE Yokemaster Panels

Various sizes available, please contact the office.

Sheep And Cattle Housing

All aspects of sheep and cattle housing can be supplied, from odd barrier panels to fitting out full sheds made to measure. Please contact your local rep or the office for more information.

Lambs & Calves

  • IAE Calf Pens – We stock standard fronts, 5’ and 6’ part sheeted sides, sheeted backs and pins.
  • Lambing Hurdles – Galvanised and wooden available in 4’, 5’ and 6’. Lamb Creep hurdles also available.
  • Lamb Adopters – We stock wooden and galvanised lamb adopter fronts as well as complete wooden units.

Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder

8’ long with 24 feeding spaces and wheels at one end. These feature a unique easy exit lift up ladder design for safety.

Mudd Lamb Creep Feeder

These are 5’3” x 5’3”, available with spring loaded rods for smaller lambs with a 200kg capacity or as a hogg feeder with no rods and a 450kg capacity. They come painted as standard or galvanised on request.

Mudd Mini Lamb Creep Feeder

Approximately 4’ square shelter creep for lambs with a 100kg capacity. Available with or without wheels.

Sturdy Grande Lamb Creep Feeder

3’10” square, 16 feeding spaces with a 125kg capacity. This creep is made from fully recyclable UV stabilised medium density polyethylene and is strong and robust.

S & M Irish Shelter Lamb Creep Feeder

6’ long with a mesh floor, this creep comes with bird flaps and a crossbar as standard with the option of wheels if required.

Mudd Covered Hogg Feeder

8’ long, painted blue with a sheeted lid.

Cattle Handling

All aspects of cattle handling can be supplied, whether its just a simple hurdle or a full set of fixed pens. Various items are in stock and we can also arrange a measuring and custom made service.

Cattle Handling

  • Cattle Crushes: Please contact the office for options available.
  • Calving Gate: 10’ Ritchie calving gate. Comes with a self locking head yoke, hinged round gate and unique fold up lower section for suckling calves.
  • Cow Cubicles: Various types of cubicles can be supplied. These can be odd cubicles as spares or full made to measure jobs in a new shed.
  • Water Troughs: Various sizes, standard, high backed and tipping troughs all available.

We have been a customer of Eden Farm Supplies for over 20 years. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell. We either collect in person or get it delivered which is a great option at busy times of the year. Would highly recommend them.

Andrew Armer
Beef/Sheep Farmer, Cumbria

We have used Eden Farm Supplies since it opened. We would recommend the business to anyone . Excellent service and farm deliveries Eden Farm Supplies are very competitive with prices and they have a large range of farm supplies. We use all sheep products.

John Lord
West Dowgill

We are the Dunning family from Raisgill hall. We have been using Eden Farm Supplies for all our agricultural needs since it first opened. The staff there are very friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to get what is needed and to advise on the best products for your individual needs. The prices are always very competitive, you won’t find cheaper anywhere else.

Lottie Dunning
Raisgill Hall

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